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Tradin Paint Sim Racing races on the rfactor platform using the Stock Car Evolution 2014 mod. We use Sim Racing League Management by Bert Software to keep and show our statistics, a very nice program. Don't worry if ya miss a few races, just show up and you go into the system and are automatically given last place -1 points for all the prior races you missed giving people who come along after season start to still be able to move up quickly in the points. In our cup series we follow the Nascar schedule running 50% races with a fixed setup. The Chase is open to 16 drivers plus 2 wildcards, so if you come along mid-season with provisionals for missed races a person should still have a chance to race their way into the chase and compete for the championship. Clean drivers always welcome, all we ask is everyone be on our teamspeak 30 minutes prior to qualifying. Any questions please feel free to contact us using the button below. Thank You